Greenwood Psychiatry

Practice fee information

Greenwood Psychiatry is a fee for service practice. Dr. Kurse is not contracted with any Insurance companies. She will provide you with a superbill that can be submitted to your Insurance company and get reimbursed based on your mental health coverage. 

The Initial Evaluation is a 90 minute session. It includes a very detailed psychiatric evaluation and treatment recommendations, especially when the diagnosis is clear. In complex cases, it might take slightly more time.

The fee for the initial evaluation for Children and Adolescents is $350.00 and for Adults is $300.00. 

The follow up appointments are 50 minutes and are $ 225.00 for Children and Adolescents and $ 200 for Adults. After the Initial evaluation, the follow up appointment for Children and Adolescents is with 2-3 weeks, and for Adults within 1 month. This is to make sure the treatment is going well.

Practice parameters dictate follow up every 3 months at least, especially when medications are prescribed.

Dr. Roopa Kurse

Treatment Techniques

Treatment Interventions used by Dr. Kurse are evidence based and tried and tested in the mental health community. Dr. Kurse is very up to date with the latest literature and is able to provide state of the art treatment for all her patients. Most psychiatric illnesses are treated more effectively when medications are combined with psychotherapy.
Dr. Kurse is well trained in cognitive behavioral therapy as well as Psycho dynamic Therapy.
​Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is designed to be effective in a brief period of time, where the therapist helps the patient learn new coping strategies and techniques that would be helpful in ameliorating the symptoms. This method has been found to be effective for treating anxiety disorders and depression, but can also help in ADHD, Bipolar disorder by teaching necessary skills, needed to successfully cope with life’s demands. This technique is extremely effective for people who develop symptoms in response to some kind of stress, good or bad, but generally have good baseline functioning. For example, some people become very anxious when they get a new promotion.

Psycho dynamic Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy is designed to address conflicts that might stem from early childhood experiences and derail normal 
development. These conflicts can cause both behavioral and emotional problems. It is a longer term therapy in which the therapist works very closely with the patient on several aspects of patient’s life and has been proven to be efficacious in improving the over all functioning in all aspects of a person’s life, be it relationships or other important aspects of life like careers, academic achievements, etc.

In some cases medications are needed to control symptoms and improve functioning. In the case of children, sometimes there is only 
evidence from adult use. Dr. Kurse will discuss all alternatives and advise you of the best options while providing material about the 
medication she recommends.

Successful treatment would entail

Improvement in the quality of life of patients and family members.

Amelioration  or improvement in symptoms and problem behaviors

Restoration of the child/adolescent or adult to the path of normal development