Dr. Kurse specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry. However she is a board certified adult psychiatrist as well.  Dr. Kurse is specially trained to work with children as young as 3-5 years of age. There are various modalities of treatment that Dr. Kurse is trained in as a psychiatrist.

Individual therapies include psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy for ages 4-adult. For children ages 3-10 there is strong evidence for play therapy which can help restore the child to their developmental stage that they should be in. Also there is strong scientific support for the use of therapy alone or in conjunction with medication management 

for effective treatment of any psychiatric condition.

If you are already in therapy Dr. Kurse will work closely with your therapist to coordinate care. Also she will work closely with family and school as needed to facilitate care. If a patient needs family therapy, Dr. Kurse will refer you to a therapist outside of her practice and will work with them closely or can work with the family as well depending on the needs of the client.

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Dr. Roopa Kurse

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Dr. Kurse's Credentials

Dr. Kurse is a BoardCertified Child, Adolescent and 

Adult Psychiatrist. Dr. Kurse received her medical  training in India, where she also trained initially in  Internal Medicine, before coming to the US to pursue  further training. She completed her adult training at  the University of Alabama at Birmingham,  Birmingham, AL. She then completed her fellowship  in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University  of Colorado Health Sciences and The Children’s  Hospital in Denver. She was the chief resident of the Child and adolescent psychiatry program during her senior year. Dr. Kurse is affiliated to UCHSC  and The Children’s Hospital as a volunteer faculty  and continues to work with her senior as well as  junior colleagues. She is an active member of the Colorado Child and Adolescent Psychiatric  Society, known as the CCAPS, committed to  improving mental health services of children and adolescents in Colorado.  
  • Diagnostic evaluation for psychiatric disorders in Children, Adolescents and Adults.
  • Different modalities of treatment for psychiatric disorders including Cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic therapy and play therapy in younger children.
  • ​Medication management.
  • Consultation
  • Record review
  • Extensive telephone contact liaison
  • Coordinating care with other care providers including therapists and counsellors.
  • Family therapy as needed with clients and their families.