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Dr. Roopa Kurse

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Optimal functioning is the key to a good quality of life. Our life  experiences teach us how to react to situations be it with  bright optimism or quiet resignation as “one’s fate” or other  emotions. The human brain is being unraveled by  neuroscientists to understand the origin of these emotions  and behavior. 
​As supported by advances in neuroscience our  brain is wired to react in certain ways because of early  experiences coupled with genetic vulnerabilities. These  reactions might not be optimal for functioning in the world, be  it at school, or the play ground for children and adolescents  and work or relationships for adults. We know changes are  possible to a willing mind especially by a trained professional.

​Tips to Pick a psychi​atrist

  • Be prepared to ask questions about the provider’s practice principles, beliefs about medications and other things that might be important to you. In fact make a list of questions to ask if need be.​

  • Discuss with your primary care physician if you are in a comfortable relationship with them about your mental health needs.

  • You have to also check to see if you are a good match, temperamentally and otherwise; sometimes you might have to seek a second opinion if you feel the treatment  is not right.

  • Ask your psychiatrist about the other options available and more information about medications or alternative  treatment.

  • If you are already in therapy, make sure your psychiatrist and therapist communicate with each other. The best treatment often occurs with a good team working together towards your betterment.



Welcome to Greenwood Psychiatry, dedicated to providing the highest level of care in a friendly, outpatient setting.
Dr. Roopa Kurse is a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist. After graduating from her fellowship program in 2006, Dr. Kurse has been providing psychiatric services in the suburbs of Denver, CO for almost 10 years. It is Dr. Kurse's passionate belief that

​"Good mental health is an essential prerequisite for an optimal functioning and a good quality of life...." That is the ultimate goal Dr. Kurse works towards with each and everyone of her clients.

Practice Principles:

1. Every person deserves the right to good mental health.

2. Anyone who is willing to get the help needed and is ready to work towards it will be provided that help.

3. The stigma carried by mental illness shall not be a barrier to treatment.